My favourites this week plus some picture-fun!

Greetings from the Sheikhland people!

The first week of October is gone in a blink and for the very first time, I shall be sharing with you all my favourites for the week gone by. The favourites would be everything under the sun that I have really liked in the past week.

Thumbs up?

So, presenting to you some of the things I have given thumbs up to, while having a lot of fun clicking pictures of them. If you like the list and the pictures, do drop in a comment. It makes me happy and all smiles. 🙂

my favs banner

So, are we ready to witness some awesomeness here? 🙂

I am falling more and more in love loving statement necklaces. They just give a whole new look to the outfit. A couple of my favourite ones here –


Cute stationary makes me smile and I love polka dots, hearts, buttons and the vintage feel. A glimpse of some damn cute push-pins for my inspiration board and this vintage print post-it! It’s adorable -isn’t it?


I am a big fan of handmade stuff – accessories or home-décor. Handmade stuff really appeals to me. There is a unique charm about handmade goodies. Agree or not?

Here is this clay jooti I picked up from Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. Love the make, the painting, the colours! What say?


Last but not the least, Baby-lips lip balm sticks by Maybelline are now a must-have for me. Thanks to the Dubai weather which leaves skin and lips all dry. What I love the most about Baby-lips is their stick form so you don’t have to slide through your finger in a tin like with other lip balms. It is small and easily fits in even your wallet.


So, hope you enjoyed my favourites list.

What have been your favourites this week?

Let’s get chatty in this space. *smiles*

Until we speak next,

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