Sinful Desires ~ Creative Cup-cakes for some sweetness@Sheikhland

Cup-cakes, Cup-cakes, Cup-cakes – just uttering this very word makes me smile from ear to ear. They are the answer to life’s all problems – trust me they are. Oh yes … it is an ardent cup-cake fan talking here. As they say, great things come in small packages. For me, those packages have cup-cakes. πŸ™‚

Whether it’s an occasion to celebrate or a surprise for a friend, a stressful day or a coffee-date with someone special, daughter’s birthday or a romantic plan for hubby, an ‘I-love-you’ deed for mom or a treat for office colleagues – it is AHHH-MAZING how cup-cakes can fit in everywhere and leaving the same impact wherever they go – smiles, smiles and more smiles!!!

True or not? πŸ™‚

So, last week, when yours truly had a craving for something sweet – cupcakes were the answer and I tell you, the ones I got were not only delicious treat to eat but were a visual treat for the eyes so much so that I was feeling guilty to eat them.

With all delight, I am honoured to introduce to you all in this space with Sinful Desires – all about sheer creativity in making cupcakes and such yummilicious ones, you would want to go to them over and over again like me. Infact for me now, I don’t think I would ever wait for an occasion to go to them, rather getting cupcakes from them would make an occasion to celebrate smiles and sweetness in life. Love the name too – Sinful Desires! Ahh … yes they are sinful but won’t mind committing them for treats like them!

Sweet naah?

Sinful Desires are cupcakes by a very talented lady Navida who has left me all spell-bound by her creativity in making themed and customised cup-cakes.

It amazes me what this lovely lady has created with cup-cakes and the most interesting thing about them is that she customises them for you so you are able to make them a meaningful and thoughtful gift for friends and family.

How she does that? Have a look here –

Look at this treat for mommy dearest on her birthday – for a mom who loves handbags, pearls, stilettos and MAC lipsticks. How cute is that?

cake for mom makeup themed

A make-up themed cake for a girl who loves her make-up. Just check out the detailing in this one –

make up themed

What an adorable gift for a friend with a little version of herself sitting on the cake along with her precious possessions – her phones –

mariam sara bday

For the birthday gal, who loves moustaches and bags –

moustache cake

Here is a treat for a happy couple who loves watching TV together-

jaan n jahan

For all Pink-lovers, like yours truly and don’t you dare miss that butterfly there –

butterflies and  pinks

Can’t be a better gift than this for a 1 year old girl who loves her penguin toy –

penguin cake

Happy Birthday to the man of the house, who is a great husband and a daddy cool –

for daddy cool

And last but not the least, HOLD YOUR BREATH – 50 SHADES OF GREY THEMED CUP-CAKES – What a wowsome job here I must say! What say you guys?

50 shades of grey

Aren’t this cute as heaven?

Wanna win them for this Eid?


Here is the link to the Facebook page of Sinful Desires. Check out more of such creative cup-cakes there –

Until we speak next, have a day as sweet as cup-cakes!

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