An addition to my ‘dream-kitchen’

With the Sheikhland awaiting Eid, there are many events/fairs/exhibitions are taking place adding more sparkle to the festive mood of the city. And with that, yours truly is getting a chance to get acquainted with a whole new world of beautiful things from home-ware to fashion, jewellery to good house-keeping. My wish-list is definitely becoming longer and I am all excited to share about it all with you.

All of us have an image of a ‘dream-home’ in our minds. But I bet all women have a ‘dream-kitchen’ visual always doing rounds in their minds. How much we desire and need a fancy kitchen, full of lovely things to create an inspirational setting! Inspirational to cook better and to make cooking look more interesting than it otherwise might look to some women like me. *winks*

So, in my ‘Dream-Kitchen’ visuals, what recently found a place is the gorgeous cutlery by Custom-Made. Made with semi-precious stones, these are apt for the times you want to enjoy a lavish-looking meal or when you just want to put together a tablescape for a special dinner or when you wish to add a style quotient to your kitchen.

I would call it a ‘statement-cutlery’ as it puts forward a style-statement for you. It is cutlery redefined.

And so I am pretty inspired to plan a kitchen makeover with Custom-made.

What about you?





Until we speak next,

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