My favourites@Diwali Bazaar

Hello lovely people!

Howzaa? Wassup and all? 🙂

The Sheikhland aka Dubai is getting ready to celebrate Diwali now. Diwali – the festival of lights and that time of the year when you want to invite prosperity and happiness to your good-looking abode and a good-looking you. Are you getting the hint? *Winks*

Yes … Diwali is a happy time for all the shopaholics because it is the time to buy lovely things for your home and for yourself/family.

And everyone I see around in the Sheikhland is definitely on a shopping spree with some wonderful Diwali fairs/exhibitions/fairs happening around the city, which is all set to glitter and shine on this festival of lights.

A couple of days, I happened to visit the biggest Diwali exhibition in the town – the Diwali Bazaar organised by Enigma Events in Dhow Palace Hotel, Bur Dubai.

Brightening the festive spirit inside me, the Diwali Bazaar was full of beautiful dresses, jewellery, home décor and what not – mostly hand-made. And since you are all aware of my uncanny love for handicrafts, you can imagine me with a BIG smile on my face as I went on to explore these goodies capturing them in my camera.

I loved the colour splash in that space with such amazing things put under one roof – I was tempted to pick them all for my home. Ahh … the shopaholic me!!!

So, let me present to you some of my favourite picks from Diwali Bazaar. Are you ready? 🙂

I am so much in love with this travel-charms-bracelet by Origins Collective. Check out the little suitcase, the McDonalds pack and look at that small camera – this is so me!



I want all of these bangles by ‘Dorri’. Love the colours and the ethnic touch!


These décor pieces by ‘the Craft Safari’ are such beauty. It is like having a piece of India in your home, wherever in the world you are.


Moustaches and bows are every girl’s favourites these days and ‘Origins Collective’ does a fab job into making these pretty bracelets with these. ***LURVE***


Peacock head jars by ‘the Craft Safari’ – added to my dream-kitchen!


And last but not the least, these feather hair extensions by Origins Collective make me feel like a new person – a happier one *Smiles*


So, did you like my favourites? Do drop in a line if you do. I love hearing from you.

Also share your favourite finds this Diwali.

Until we speak next,

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