Spill the bean ~ My cuppa coffee

The coffee-addict in me found nirvana and the book-lover in me jumped with delight. The writer in me found inspiration and the photographer in me got a muse. Ahh … can you imagine me with a BIG grin on my face? 🙂

The reason behind this grin is an awesome place that I happened to get acquainted with on ‘the Pinkalicious Morning’ by ‘the Indian Trumpet’ here.

Spill the Bean – the cute, cosy and oh so creatively designed cafĂ© in Sunset Mall, Jumeirah has become one of my most favourite places in the Sheikhland to spend an afternoon with girlies over a delicious cuppa or an evening with hubby with some yummy bites and brews or for that morning when I just want to have some me-time with my diary, my thoughts and rounds of some great coffee … ahen ahem … it’s an ardent coffee-fan talking here! *winks*




I love the way this cafĂ© has been designed – it’s a cafĂ© with a concept and whole lot of creativity oozing out of every corner. The colourful cushions, the comfy couches, the interesting dĂ©cor-accessories – Spill the bean has an AHHH- MAZING feel.




And all you coffee-lovers out there, let me tell y’all, you are so going to thank me for telling you about this place – because this place serves the most delicious coffee and a whole variety of it.

Exciting, isn’t it? *smiles*

Some lovely beverages@Spill the Bean

Some lovely beverages@Spill the Bean


What’s even more interesting about this cafĂ© is their association with ‘the Book-Shelter’ initiative whose aim is to encourage people to read. In today’s times, this is an appreciable effort when internet browsing over I-pads and smartphones is making reading just a never-materialising plan in the diary or a forgetful diary. And so to promote reading, they welcome book-donations of books that you have finished reading with and would like to pass on for others to read them. These books are available in the cafĂ© then to be enjoyed over a cuppa.

Isn’t that really praise-worthy?




Also, this cafĂ© is contributing to the ‘Go Green’ mission in a very unique way. There are available for sale some very cool bags which are made by a local artisan using the sack bags in which coffee is received. The amount received by the sale of these is then donated to an orphanage. What a great way to recycle the sack bags and adding a bigger meaning to the whole project by contributing towards a noble cause.

Look at these bags. Aren’t they screaming style? 🙂



So, all in all, Spill the bean is not just about coffee. This cafĂ© is some delicious coffee with a meaning. Refreshing my spirits and topping up my energy – this is one of my favourite stops in the Sheikhland for some caffeine and great times with family/friends/self. And the icing on the cake is that it is a baby-friendly cafĂ©.

Can’t wait for my next visit!

What about you? *smiles*

Until we speak next,

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