‘Go Healthy, Go Organic’ ~ My new mantra

Health is wealth – a saying that we have heard all our lives but I wonder if most of us really treat health as wealth. With a lot of guilt, I would confess that I neglect my health badly when life’s other priorities take over in my to-do-list for the day and eating breakfast becomes avoidable, when juggling deadlines makes eating right look like the toughest task and carb-loaded-take-aways seem like the easiest resort. But of late, I have come to realise that when it comes to health, there should be no waiting for tomorrow to start doing the right things. I have learnt that being careful about you are eating well and what you are eating is more important than any thing else because the quality of everything else in life depends on this.

And with this more aware me, I was fortunate to be at ‘Go healthy. Go organic’ event organised by The Change Initiative with Down to Earth, Dubai. The Change initiative is a lovely lifestyle store in the Sheikh-land aka Dubai and it is making a commendable effort to equip people to make responsible lifestyle choices.

From ideas to improve insulation and lessen energy use, to eco-friendly furniture, paints and fashion accessories, The Change Initiative delivers products that are stylish and ecologically sound.

Now isn’t that absolutely admirable? And I guess a city like Dubai has a lot more learning to do when it comes to being eco-friendly. So, this is also a welcome effort.

Down to Earth, Dubai is another one in the list of stores that are doing a fabulous job at creating an environment-friendly planet by providing products enabling a chemical-free and responsible living.

So, last week when I got a chance to be at the ‘Go healthy, Go organic’ event, I not only got educated in why organic foods are a better and healthier choice but I also learnt some healthy yet yummy recipes.

Bharti Makhijani, a UK qualified Nutrition Consultant, gave a very useful talk about the importance of organic food and why it is so imperative for us to learn the difference as unknowingly we are doing ourselves much harm by feeding our bodies with chemical-loaded food. It was a truly enlightening talk.

And while we were learning about some serious facts in relation to organic foods, we had a fun time watching the famous food-blogger, Prachi Grover from Orange Kitchens, who showed us three delicious but healthy recipes. We learnt to make a smoothie, a salad and my favourite were the sesame balls that I guess made a great news for people who love sweets but are also calorie-conscious.

So, all educational and yet so much fun, this event made me more responsible towards a healthy living. I guess in our busy lives, when it is so easy to go off-track the healthy path, all of us need a reminder like this on and off. Thank you the Change Initiative and Down to Earth, Dubai for such an appreciable initiative. I returned home all inspired, aware and all smiles.

Here are some pictures from the event –

The talk and the cooking demo ~

Bharti Makhijani, the Nutrition Consultant

Bharti Makhijani, the Nutrition Consultant

Prachi Grover from Orange Kitchens

Prachi Grover from Orange Kitchens

The cooking demo

The cooking demo

The talk about Organic food

The talk about Organic food


It was a pleasure to meet Debbie, the lovely blogger at Coffe, cakes and running. Love your blog Debbie!

Debbie from Coffe, cakes and Running

Debbie from Coffe, cakes and Running

The organic goodness by Down to earth, Dubai ~




Loved the Green spirit at The Change initiative ~


The yummy salad by Orange Kitchens

The yummy salad by Orange Kitchens



So with this ‘Go green. go healthy and go organic’ message, it’s adieu for today friends!

Until we speak next,

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3 thoughts on “‘Go Healthy, Go Organic’ ~ My new mantra

    • Hi! Thanks a lot for stopping by. This event was held at ‘The Change Initiative’ – a lifestyle store in Dubai. Glad you liked the post! 🙂


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