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In the day and age, where diet-books are the best-sellers and slimming pills are the most advertised, where the budget has to account for the heavy gym fees and savings have the agenda of being spent on a personal trainer, weight-management meditation at Miracles Centre to my ears came like a breath of fresh ear – I so knew it won’t involve running like crazy on the treadmills or the struggle to live up to the crash diets and so half of my motivation towards attending it came easily with that and attending it just completely changed my perspective to the whole idea of ‘weight-loss’.

Wanna hear about it in details? I so know you do and my dear friends, you know yours truly won’t disappoint you here. *smiles*

So, before I begin telling you about this meditation, I want to tell you something about the Sheikh-land – a fact which is not as fancy as this city is. In 2012, UAE was the fifth most obese country in the world and the situation does not seem to get better. Everyone who comes to Dubai puts on a stone- yes … the notorious ‘Dubai stone’ as they call it. So when I came in here, I was no exception but realising how imperative weight-management is, I started trying different things to keep the weight under check.

There were days when I would be good to myself and be committed towards eating right/work outs. But a lot of times, I would go off track. Some how ‘loosing weight’ remained a goal in my personal diary but I could never whole-heartedly channelize all of my focus and energies on to achieving it.

That’s when Weight management Meditation (at Miracles centre) came in to my life. Now what actually is weight-management meditation?

Weight Management is a meditation done through hypnotherapy where participants are taken into a relax state and are guided to make healthier eating choices, become more active, increase their metabolic rate and are taught other such weight management techniques, in order to shed the excess the pounds and get into their ideal shape. ( from the official website of Miracles centre)

When I heard this, I was all excited about investing 1 hour of my day and only AED 30 for something that could help me program my mind towards mindful eating and being more active to let go off all the extra pounds that my body is hating to put on and with that also to let go off all the stress of forcing my mind to eat right/work out. This was all about preparing’ my mind to head off in the direction of rightful weight-management.

And so, with all these expectations I was finally in the mediation room of Miracles Centre with the lovely hypnotherapist Afshan Saeed Adnan when she so amazingly helped me connect to my own self, glide me into a different world away from the hustle and bustle of city life, where I could see, absorb and commit to mindful eating, to making healthy choices and to do everything possible to achieve a healthier body. I learnt that you should not try to ‘loose weight’ as everything you loose, you try to find it back. You need to ‘let go off’ the weight.

Suddenly, the weight-loss regimes in my diary took the shape of positive affirmation in my mind.

Isn’t that such a great and more sensible way to look at it?

When I went back home, I surprised myself by avoiding that cookie with the coffee, by being religious about having fruit and by being conscious about using less oil while I cooked. I realised, somewhere I had gained a power to keep a check on my eating habits and a new commitment towards working out.

Thanks to Miracles Centre for coming out with something as innovative and useful as this all at an affordable price for all for making Sheikh-land a healthier country and a fitter one.

I can’t wait for my next session of Weight-management Meditation, what about you?

Here is the link to the official website for Miracles Centre for some really amazing stuff they are doing – http://miraclesworldwide.com/

Be it meditations, hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, Crystal therapy, Numerology, Tarot/angel card reading and a whole lot of new techniques, Miracles Centre is all set to provide to you all that you need for a better life and a more meaningful living.

Do drop in a line if you liked this post. I always love to hear from you.

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Until we speak next,

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8 thoughts on “Miraculous Mondays ~ Weight-Management Meditation@Miracles

  1. Thanks for stopping by the Miracles Center Chandni! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. These meditations and group hypnosis classes that we conduct truly are very powerful. Looking forward to seeing you at the center again soon. May your day be filled with love, laughter and lots of Miracles.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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