La Creatividad ~ Spreading Handmade goodness + GIVEAWAY

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As you all know, I have this uncanny love for hand-made pretty things and I am a sucker for inspiration. So you can imagine my excitement on meeting someone who is an inspirational young girl making pretty handmade things. *smiles*

Ladies … I am delighted to share with the story of a girl who is a busy full-time professional but is a passionate creative freak and she has successfully proved that by pursuing her creative skills with as much dedication as she puts in her job. Wanting to spread creativity in the Sheikhland, she calls her brand – La Creatividad, through which she offers beautiful head-bands and clips – all hand-made by her.

That’s Fatima Anwar for you!

I first met her at the Pinkalicious Morning event organised by the Indian Trumpet, an online magazine. I was all impressed with the way she is determined to pursue her creative skills besides being in a full-time job. It is not a cake-walk as all of you would agree.

What is more commendable is the way she makes such pretty stuff which are more like a jewellery for hair. With everything a girl loves be it pearls, flowers, bows, nets, feathers, she creates gorgeous head-bands, which can give a whole new bounce to the outfit and the overall look whether you are dressing up casual or a coffee date or a race or even for your big day as a bride.

Here is a little interview with Fatima, where she tells us all about this journey of hers all inspired by the love for creativity –

C ~ Chandni F ~ Fatima

C. When did you start making head-bands first?
F. I started with making hairclips. Since I was a little girl I was fond of making bracelets, stitch my doll’s dresses and knitting mobile covers. Then one day my mom asked me if I can make hairclips? I didn’t answer cause I wasn’t sure. The next day I hid in a little corner in my room, opened the beautiful box of colourful nets that my mom bought me for my ‘Gift Wrapping’ class. I turned and twisted the net and viola! I made my first pair of hairclips! Beautiful white and blue.. Not very professional looking though!

C. How was La Creatividad born?
F. I first showed my first set of hairclips to my closest friends.. They loved them. Then one day my friends and mom really motivated me to start a page and take this thing professionally. To check people’s response I first uploaded my work on my facebook profile where my friends and family really encouraged me and appreciated my work.. My friends even started ordering for their favorite hairclips. Overjoyed with the response I started my own home based accessory brand- La Creatividad. The name is La Creatividad because I want to promote creativity in general and very soon lacreatividad wont be just a hair accessory boutique but we will introduce lots of accessories as well.

C. What’s your inspiration when you design the head bands?
F. Movies like gossip girl really inspire me where headband is a part of the girls style statement. A good headband that is creatively designed can definitely make a lot of difference in your look.

C.Where are you exhibiting next?
F.My next exhibition will be on the 15 of December 2013 in Karachi, Pakistan.

C. You are a full time professional too. How do you manage your time for La Creatividad?
F.Throughout the week I try to do research at home and finish the article in office during my lunch breaks. Over the weekend I am completely employed by La Creatividad and I don’t spend any time on the articles. Its La Creatividad time.

Isn’t this absolutely amazing and inspiring to work hard and make time for your passions, your hobbies?


What’s also amazing is that Fatima is all set to promote creativity with hand-made good ness by offering an exclusive giveaway for the readers of Chandni@Sheikhland.

Now, the interesting part of this giveaway is that all of you ( in UAE and Pakistan) can vote for what you would like to win. Excited? *winks*

Yes, go to this link on Facebook and like the picture of the head-band that you would like to win.The picture which will get most number of likes will become the prize to be won by the winner of this ‘Be the Head-Band Queen Contest’.


1) The first winner gets the voted headband and an AED 50 voucher that they can use to shop online at La Creatividad store on

2) The Second winner gets a pair of hairclips and a 15% discount gift voucher to shop online at La Creatividad store on

3) 1 pair of hairclips each will be given as consolation prizes to 4 different people.


1. Like ChandniAtSheikhland and La Creatividad on Facebook.

2. Subscribe to Chandni@Sheikhland on the homepage of the blog with your email address.

3. Vote for your favourite head-band by liking it in the Facebook album and sharing it here.

4. Answer ‘Be the Head-Band Queen’ Question on my Facebook page when it comes.

5. Share this post on Facebook as much as you can.

6. Contest open for residents of UAE and Pakistan.

The Contest will close on 05 December 2013 and the winner will be announced on 06 December 2013 using

Chandni@Sheikhland will not be liable or responsible for any actions undertaken once the name of the winners is declared.








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