The Gramercy ~ New-bar-snack tasting and interview with Head Chef Andrew Paderes

Hello all you lovely people in and around the Sheikhland!

Hope all is well. It is a pleasant Sunday in the Sheikhland smirking a bit extra as it a holiday here, with people making the most of this gorgeous weather. And yours truly is all set to treat herself with some amazing food at one of the really popular places here that she recently got invited to and has instantly fallen in love with – the Gramercy.

Located in DIFC, the Gramercy is Dubai’s first genuine Gastro-pub, which took me back to London, as soon as I stepped into it, with it’s old-world-charm with it’s cosy ambience making it an apt place to just have a cuppa with girlfriends or grab on some drinks after work or a just kick off the weekend to spend those Thursday evenings or a delightful lunch or to just sit back to enjoy the soothing sounds of Jazz and other live entertainment in the evenings to unwind and treat yourself with some delicious food.


I was invited to the Gramercy for their new-bar-snack-tasting and I was fortunate to have a rendezvous with the amazingly talented and immensely experienced Head Chef there – Chef Andrew Paderes. As me and my friend R, were being spoiled with some yummilicious bar-snacks coming soon in the Gramercy menu from January 2014, we had the honour of sitting in the company of Chef Andrew, who not only is great at what he does but is a person extraordinaire. Being nominated for the BBC Good Food ME Awards again this year, his passion towards creativity in cooking can’t go unnoticed and his commitment towards serving quality food is inspiring.

chef andrew

So, presenting to you all, a little interview with Chef Andrew along with a sneak-peek into the new-bar-snacks coming up in January 2014 at the Gramercy:

C ~ When did your journey as a Chef begin and when did you get associated with the Gramercy?
A ~ I joined the industry back in 1995 and have been fortunate to work with some big names in the industry like Nobu in London, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze in Doha, Qatar; also got myself an opportunity to explore different cuisins from Asian to French to Italian to Mediterranean. I started with the Gramercy in July 2010.

C ~ What is the USP of the food at the Gramercy?
A ~ The idea for us at the Gramercy is always to bring in unique, diverse food to the table and to be able to cater to different people. We are always on the look out for constant learning and experimenting to serve our clients with just the best. And this is precisely why, we have been able to have a strong identity and a loyal clientele here in DIFC, which is a hub of some of the biggest brands in restaurants/bars and a promising home ground for us to be able to serve people from different nationalities, tastes and backgrounds.

C ~ What is the most-loved dish at the Gramercy?
A ~ It’s our Burger made with home-made bread and all processed here. (smiles)


C ~ What is special about the new menu coming up?
A ~ The new menu we are bringing forth in 2014 is exciting and straightforward with no frills and fancy. At the Gramercy, we are committed to serve you not a fine-dining experience but a refined dining experience with cooking done in the classy way, where the main ingredients speak for themselves – all straight-forward as I said.

C ~ What new experiments can we look forward to in the new menu?
A ~ With the growing focus on healthy food, we are bringing in recipes using quinoa and wild rice. I am particularly excited about an interesting recipe I am bringing in made with the collar of Yellowtail fish. (smiles)

C ~ Is the new menu going to be all price-friendly as well?
A ~ Yes, of course. We have always maintained a reasonable pricing and the average cost for 2 people would be between AED 90-160.

C ~ As we speak, your passion towards food is obvious. How and when did this love-affair with food start for you?
A ~ (Smiles) There is always a fire burning inside me to come out with new things in cooking. Being a Yoga-enthusiast, I love to cook with a lot of positivity that I would say is one of my most special ingredient in whatever I cook. I come from a family that loves food. My father, an architect would cook for the family. He would bring me to the market with him, teach me how to pick vegetables. (smiles again) And so all that building my interest in cooking, I would look forward to jump into the kitchen everyday after coming back from the school and the love-affair with food started ever since and is still going on.

So, this was the smiling and inspiring Chef Andrew for you and now let me tell y’all, the new-bar-snacks that I got to taste were simply AHHH-MAZING. Not the usual finger-foods, these were like a breath of fresh air. The juicy burger or the chicken quesadillas, the chilli hot dog or the kababs – it was mouth-watering to say the least and I can’t wait for January 2014, as these snacks hit the menu at the Gramercy.

Here is a sneak peek for you. Dig into the deliciousness –





Here is the direct link to the Gramercy for you to hop on

Hope you enjoyed the interview and the sneak peek.

Until we speak next,

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