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Miracles Centre is all set to help people in the Sheikhland create miracles in their lives. Ranking number two now on Google for Theta Healing services, Miracles is becoming more and more popular for coming up with new healing tools and for making known ones more accessible to everyone.

A few days back I had the opportunity of learning about their Little Miracles workshop conducted by the very talented Rekha Menon. and I was amazed to know how this workshop can help children create a miraculous future for themselves.

Miracles Dubai

Been in the Sheikhland since 1999, Rekha tilted to healing after facing an obstacle in her life. A follower of Nityashanti, Rekha then went on to become a therapist/healer in Theta-healing, Past-life regression and Access consciousness.

A mother herself, Rekha always was inclined to work with children as she believes that children are open to learn without any judgement. Following her research, Rekha came up with interesting techniques in meditation to help kids to appreciate others, to be a better team-player and to utilise their qualities which most of the time they are not aware of at that tender age.

Based on the understanding of the emotions a kid goes through in the age between 7-14, Little Miracles has been designed to help them communicate and express those emotions. Demonstrations are shown to them of meditations and using props like Dowsing device to help them understand the importance of positive energy.

They are made to draw Vision-boards to help them visualise what they want to become in future and invoke the qualities needed to reach their ambitions.

Responsibility, creativity and sincerity – the kids inculcate and evolve with all these qualities at Little Miracles workshop and this whole journey of their evolution is what gives contentment and happiness to Rekha.

Isn’t this commendable?

Kudos to Miracles Dubai for giving kids a platform to express without any inhibitions and learn without any pressures of grades or numbers.

I strongly believe that every kid deserves to be just himself far away from any peer-pressures or the vicinity of ‘shoulds’ and when children get to evolve with precious and correct guidance, the world can look forward to a better, brighter and happier future.

Until we speak next,

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