Looking back at 2013

at 2013

Another year is at the brink of bidding adieu but this certainly can’t be called just another year. I changed countries – from chilly London to the sunny Dubai. I changed professions – from an accountant to a writer/blogger. New people, new atmosphere, new things to learn and new challenges to make something of myself all from scratch as I had never done full-time writing before.

The whole idea of switching to writing would scare me initially …. a lot of times since the pay cheque stopped coming every month like before. My blog was my own venture – I am the boss here and I am the employee. Would people like it? Would it be loved?

All sorts of doubts would hover over my mind at times but slowly every picture that I clicked turned out to be better than the previous one, every sentence I wrote made more meaning than the last one, new words became friends with me, new followers kept adding to the blog and the doubts started to fade away.

And here I am, smiling back at 2013 for making me learn that life is all about taking risks …

making me realise that if you do what you love, even a start afresh feels interesting rather than challenging. Here I am winking at the Sheikhland for being the canvas on which I explore my creative writing. Here I am thanking each one of you from the bottom of my heart for showing me so much love and support that words can’t express.

I would need all of it and much more of it as I aim to do more interesting things on the blog in 2014 and present to you Sheikhland through my lenses and words.

Will you be with me?

Until I speak to you next, I wish you a very happy 2014. May you get closer to your dreams.

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