The ‘GREEN’ fire and a ‘GREEN’ DSF

Morning Sheikhlanders!

As much as I enjoyed the phenomenal fireworks on the New Year’s eve, I am finding it hard to ignore the black clouds of smoke I saw after the magnificent extravaganza of the fireworks was done with. Not too proud to say that we are also hugely contributing to the global warming the repercussions of which have started to be seen with the beyond harsh cold in the US.

the smoke

Here is a request to all of you! For all such privilages that we have enjoyed living in this amazing city in the past year, for this year let’s acknowledge it by planting a tree each, by switching off the lights/ACs when not in use, by saying no to plastic, by doing our bit to help this planet continue to be livable for all.

This DSF, let’s ‘also’ shop a lovely plant!

Are you with me to spread ‘the Green fire’?

If yes, please do share this post and spread the green word!

Waiting to hear from you,

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4 thoughts on “The ‘GREEN’ fire and a ‘GREEN’ DSF

  1. Greenery is very important to spread peace and guard against pollution. I am dead against crackers that I don’t burst since it pollutes the environment in which we live. Have a good day, Chandni:)


    • Absolutely … let’s join in hands for a clean and green Dubai! 🙂 Really appreciate you dropping by and thanks for the comment! 🙂


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