In ‘new’ and high spirits!

Sometimes all you need to move ahead in life is to just look back and all you friends out there, who were wondering where have I been for the last few days, well I was looking back at my life, introspecting, reflecting, understanding, learning and preparing myself to make something special of this year, to make something of this blog that I really love and to be a better person than I was last year.

blog post J1 1

And to celebrate the spirit of the ‘new’, I created a new header for the blog. Look at the top of the page. smiles

It has got the Dubai skyline and a little camera too. Do you like it?

As a good luck charm, I treated myself with a new ring – a big one to make the statement of my style – yes, something I want to give a sincere try this year is enjoy dressing up, explore and create my own style which somehow has always been in the mind but yours truly is too lazy you know.

blog post JI 2

And for the love of tea and cute stationary, I could not resist gifting myself a floral pink mug for adding colour to all the creative thinking I try to do over a cuppa and to jot those thoughts down, here is my new diary inviting me to write, doodle, take notes with its pretty cover there.

blog post JI 3

Cute, aren’t these small things in life?

Do you like my little new year shopping?

blog post J1 4

If you do, don’t forget to drop in a line please. Your comments make me happy. 🙂

Until we speak next, happy blogging and a joyful reading!

Copyrights – While you enjoy reading this post with visuals.Please do not use the post or the image without my written permission. They belong to Chandni@Sheikhland unless otherwise stated.

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7 thoughts on “In ‘new’ and high spirits!

  1. Dear Chandni…that’s the way to go forward…its like, when we start the engine of a car, we always look back through rear view mirror and than move forward…love your blog…keep it up and I wish you get the best out of this shaikhland and you give the best to this land.


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