Me-time-love and some random clicks

Beautiful winter day at the Sheikhland and with Mr. Husband on a work-trip, there have been a lot of DIYs and photography experiments happening around in the Sheikhland-home – ahh talk about making the most of the ‘me-time’.

Can’t forget to mention about the movie marathon of all my favourite chick-flicks without those fights for the remote , though I am missing it all …. hush hush but hey, definitely happy to miss those unwanted football channels that slip into in the middle of my movies.

Just imagine an intense scene going on between Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in ‘the devil weras prada’ and cut to, a football ground appears on my screen, and the sounds of ‘oh no’, ‘oh yes’, ‘Goal’ getting into from no where.

Look where I got this post into, and so getting back to business now. Yes … there have been some photography yours truly has been doing and I am so hooked on to this heaven for the photographers called ‘Instagram’. The word is ‘addicted’.

So, sharing with you all a few clicks here. You are gonna be my superstar if you let me know if you and even you don’t like them.

A cute and chirpy little guest found its way into the Sheikhland-home this morning adding more light and melody to it for me.

BP J2 1

Parking for private boats, jet skis and yachts in Palm Jumeira! Now this is my Dubai for you!

BP J2 4

I love it all Pinkalicious!
What about you?

BP J2 3

Could not resist a selfie on a beautiful sunny day! Soaking in every bit of the sun and the shine this lovely afternoon!

BP J2 2

Until we speak next,

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