Love and gift yourself this V-Day and some tips to shower some love on the self!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I can already see a lot many V-day gift ideas, heart graffiti, cards, decoration ideas, dressing up ideas al over the internet. Sweet!!!

But I just could not stop wondering how excited we all become for doing the love-shower on others on this very day, how about saving some love to lavish on ourselves this V-Day? winks

I mean, seriously, why we do not (generally) accept, love and express love to ourselves with all our flaws when love accepting us as we are has been the ideal form of love we like to receive, I guess love to receive from all but our own self.

Do you agree or not?

Well, 2014 for me is, I have decided, all about falling in love with myself, the way I am, with my flaws and this V-DAY, while I would express my love to others, there is a lot of love that I am going to show to myself.

And so I don’t go off track from this love path for the self, here are a few things I keep reminding myself on and off –

~ I am a work-in-progress loving every bit of my journey to what I aspire to become.

~ Say ‘I love you’ to myself every single day.

~ Be true to my needs and be honest towards being the best that I can be towards myself even if it is just about eating breakfast every day.

~ Discard off all negative thoughts and negative people around.

~Practise saying NO.

~ Know and acknowledge your worth.

So, as this life-long romance with myself has already started blooming, I want to show some special love to myself this V-Day!

And, how am I gonna do that?

Should not be hard for you to guess I believe? winks

Yes … SHOPPING for myself for all those little things that I like, that make me happy.

And while I was on a hunt for some cute things, I landed up in S*uce Gifts. Remember, I wrote about them here too long time back –

So, it looks like I have found all that I would want to treat myself with at this cute gifts shop. Sharing with you some of my favourite picks from the shops –

Lip balm in a cute doughnut and flower pazckaging, now who wouldn’t want that smiles

BP JAN 3 1

A vintage feel album reminding me to cherish every moment –


Now you just cannot not love this one – Happy, love and wisdom pills – all colourful and with quotations inside every pill to make sure you are wise, happy and all in love with yourself.


A clutch that says it all … I love it all retro …..


I so love these comfy cuddly statement cushions apt for the strawberry-candy-cream lover like me shouting my love for them all aloud …

bp jan3 4


And what can I say about this half eaten biscuit cushion here – shoooo shweeeet! Isn’t it?



So, are you show some love to yourself too?

Let’s get chatty here!


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