Meeting Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Offline!

Fabulous February is here and Sheikhland is welcoming a breeze of fashion to make it a rather fashionable February for one and all.

Yes … there are loads of fashion events happening around and the shopoholics/fashion lovers are all beaming as a whole lot of famous and budding fashion designers are visiting Dubai this season.

When it comes to online shopping for designer clothes, I cannot think of a better place than the increasingly getting popular Pernia’s Pop up shop and I was all excited to explore some ‘real’ shopping for a change rather than the virtual one on Pernia’s pop up shop, when it went offline from the online world only to make an appearance in Araish by SoPritti, a fashion and lifestyle exhibition that took place on 1st February 2014 and that yours truly was all delighted to attend.


The founder of Pernia’s pop up shop is one of my favourite designers Pernia Qureshi who went on to become a fashion entrepreneur with this online venture of hers and has added more feathers to her very fashionable hat.

It was great to have a tete-e-tete with Mr. Prabhakar Shastry, the dynamic CEO of Pernia’s Pop up shop.

with Mr Prabhakar Shastry, CEO of Pernia's Pop up Shop

with Mr Prabhakar Shastry, CEO of Pernia’s Pop up Shop

Here is a candid shot taken by Prabhakar while I was busy exploring and clicking the awesome collection! 🙂 Thanks Prabhakar! 🙂

Clicked! :)

Clicked! 🙂

Pernia’s pop up shop showcases the designs by not only by the established designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Manish Malhotra, Suneet Verma, Sabyasachi but also offers designs by the gen-next designers like Masaba, actress turned designer Mandira Bedi and many more here.

So, Sheikhlanders here is presenting to you my favourites from my favourite online store straight from their Araish appearance –

Loved their clutch collection with vibrant colours – Royal blues, emerald green and mustards with some amazing work!



This dress with a drape by Tarun Tahiliani is drool-worthy!


This one again by Tarun Tahiliani was for those elegant looks-

I adore this rose-print kurti by Masaba – colourful, young and bright!


Do let me know if you liked my favourites and who your favourite designer is.

Isn’t this a damn cool idea to have so many amazing designers all under one site?

So, what you waiting for, hop on to this link and shop your heart out with Pernia’s Pop up shop!

This February, be fashionably fabulous!

Until we speak next,

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