A Vintage in-house planter idea

A few months back Mr. and Mrs. L, arrived in the Sheikhland, with 63 cartons, some blissful London memories and a lot many dreams. Dreams of making a sweet little home in the sunny Sheikhland, a city they instantly fell in love with when they were here 2 years back for a holiday. Mrs. L said a little prayer on that holiday – Dear God! I wish one day I have a little home in this beautiful city’! And looks like, God, merciful God, was just in the happiest mood ever that very moment and was granting all the prayers, wishlists coming his way.

Wala! Mr. and Mrs. A land up in Dubai and nicknamed it as the Sheikhland!

Cute … isn’t it?

Mr. L, being an ardent sea-lover, made sure they have a home overlooking the cerulean ocean, inspiring Mrs. L to write beautiful poetry as she runs a blog you know!! Aahhh !!! Her fascination for her new city, the Sheikhland! smiles

Mrs. L, being a lover of the bright, sweet sun, has been busy ever since to make her home, the cutest vintage corner. She is weird I tell you. She collects wine bottles, scrap paper, laces, worn out fabric and what not and all she thinks is of easy-peasy ideas to add some vintage charm to her abode, that she totally adores.

She has been upto doing a lot of vintage décor and we surely have a lot of catch up to do on that front with her. But to begin with, let me show you what she did with a kettle in her kitchen.

Mrs. L loves polka dots and she loves in-house plants.

Her favourite polka dots kettle was hiding away in the kitchen cupboard and as usual she being the sucker for vintage décor ideas, decided to put the kettle to some good use.

She happened to plant a money plant climber in the kettle and just created a vignette on her breakfast bar to bring in a dash of green, a flair of freshness and some vintage charm in her home.

vintage planter blog post

What say? Do you like this idea? Mr L somehow finds it spooky! Ah these men I tell you!

Mrs L and Oh her home sweet home … which is a work-in-progress now … but I ensure you I would be bringing in all the updates happening in this Sheikhland home!

If you would like to hear, do hit ‘the like button’. Mrs L would be happy to see your likes too.

By the way, what latest décor you have done in your home sweet home?

Any good vintage décor ideas?

I am waiting to hear! 🙂

Until we speak next,

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