Getting featured on a lovely rainy Dubai morning

It is a beautiful rainy morning in Dubai.

Yes … you heard me right. Rainy morning in Dubai!

Yes … yet again and I am so not complaining.

Yes … you heard it right again. It is raining and I am not complaining.

I had started hating the rains in London and I guess I have come over that now to be a Dubai girl, who would wait for such rains, long to sit by the window to smirk at the drizzling sky, take my hands out to feel the raindrops on my palm, cook some onion pakoras and a masala chai, take some pictures and instagram them.


And this Dubai girl today is loving the rains a bit more because her click on Instagram got featured by the very popular @uaeiphonegraphy.

Hurray! 🙂


But what makes it all the more special is some kind words of appreciation of the picture from a blogger I truly respect and look up to for her amazing blog and her pictures – Ishita Saha ( Thank you so much for the encouraging comments. Coming from you, I means a lot to me! 🙂

Now, that calls for another well-deserved round of masala-chai!

To all my friends from the blogland, here is wishing you a happy and a creative day … rains or no rains!

Until we speak next,

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