My Valentine treat – Oxygen Express Facial@Turkuaz House

With the Valentine month being here, like every other girl in love, I wanted to look my best on my Valentine date with hubby and like every other girl in the Sheikhland, I was getting all worried about my dry, unhappy skin – Thanks to the dry climate in the Sheikhland and a bigger thank you to the air-cons.

And so before showing Valentine love to hubby, I knew I needed to show some love and a lot of care to my miserable skin.

Call it a great coincidence or a telepathy, my lovely friend and an amazing blogger (well she is amongst the top 3 bloggers in the Sheikhland) Shweta Dembla from Dubai in a frame, gave me a Valentine month treat by organising an Oxygen Express Facial at Turkuaz House, a beauty salon with the spa feel at Al Wasl Road, Jumeira.

As soon as I entered the Turkuaz House, the refreshing interiors in white and aqua started doing its magic on me.


And then came in my lovely therapist, with a flawless skin and as you would understand, her beautiful skin made me more excited about all the pampering my skin was going to get. And especially knowing that the kind of facial I was about to get is going to create a revolution in the world of skin care, I was all curious to know how is it gonna be.


Oxygen Express Facial – yes ladies – it’s my pleasure to talk to you about this awesome facial – a facial that breathes life into your skin with a spray of oxygen and effective exfoliation of course followed by face massage and a wonderful face pack. And whilst I am telling you all this, let me tell you my skin is a happy, bright and lusturous one. So happy that I feel it is smiling. 🙂

Don’t believe me?

Have a look here – What say you? 🙂


And the icing on the cake is that this 40 minutes long and very effective facial costs just AED 270. Wala!

Thanks so much Shweta for organising this for me! Much love my friend! 🙂

And thanks a lot Turkuaz House for this fantastic Valentine treat! Both me and my skin feel much in love with each other and does my Valentine! Blush Blush! 🙂

So, all you lovelies out there, show some love to your skin this February and be fabulous!

Until we speak next, keep glowing!!!

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