An Entertaining Italian meal at Da Vinci’s in Millenium Airport Hotel

A cosy ambience to take you back into the lanes of Italy/Rome, a comfortable feel for a relaxing time off the usual hustle and bustle of life, a casual atmosphere to get you up to tap your feet and enjoy and yummilicious food to make your taste buds go samba – Oh yes …. I have discovered a new place, ‘the place’ where great Italian food can be enjoyed with oodles of entertainment. Thanks a lot to my blogger friend Rossell from Kero’s Celebration who took me as the guest to experience an entertaining and very delicious meal at Da Vinci’s located in the Millenium Airport Hotel. I also had the opportunity to meet lovely Carla who blogs at Mmy Yellow Bells..

Impressively transforming itself to being more of a family oriented restaurant , Da Vinci is all set to encourage a more casual but great food dining experience, an atmosphere where food is had with fun and laughter galore and who would have done it better for Da Vinci than the famous Pizza Chef entertainer Manalo Mosconi who juggles, twirls and moves the pizza dough in the most entertaining way.

Da Vinci has won several awards over the years and that does not come to me as a surprise when I happened to eat the delicious food. The minestrone soup, the bread and tomato -feta cheese salad were totally appetizing. A yummilicious Salmon Pizza and Penne Arabiatta were a real treat as the main course. I have a sweet tooth and so totally enjoyed my gelato. But what really won my heart was the hospitality of the staff – welcoming and smiling.

Envious? Aren’t you?

Well don’t be and book a table in Da Vinci soon.

Here is a sneak peek of Da Vinci through my lenses only for you –










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2 thoughts on “An Entertaining Italian meal at Da Vinci’s in Millenium Airport Hotel

  1. Whoa looks good, girl!. I love Italian food but don’t think I had the authentic versions like this one. Beautiful and yum pix. How do you watermark your pix?.


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