{Sheikhland Recommends} – The Ripe Market in Al Safa Park

When I moved to the Sheikhland from London, I was pretty sure how much I would miss the greenery in London now that I would be living in a desert but I was so wrong and that I got to know the moment I landed in the Al Safa Park – a huge park, all green and with a little lake to so not make me miss London for any damn thing now.

I am sure that those of you who have already been to this beautiful part of the city, would have loved it like I do. But hey, this post is not just Al Safa Park but about a little secret that it holds – a beautiful secret. Are you excited to know? (winks)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to launch a brand new segment on my blog via which I shall recommend to you and any tourists coming here to visit, try some places, food and everything that I think is a must-do in Dubai.

‘Sheikhland recommends’ – that’s what I have decided to call it! Likey? (smiles)

And my list of recommendations begins with ‘the Ripe Market’ that is organised in Al Safa Park every Friday from 9am – 2pm. Whether you are a foodie like my hubby or a jewellery/home décor-shopping- addict like me or you like some organic veggies shopping done for the week or you just like to have your Fridays breathe in open air with awesomeness around – the Ripe Market is the place for you to be on Fridays.

So, here is presenting to you a photographic tour of the Ripe Market just for you through my lenses on this sunny and sweet Saturday. Enjoy!

If you are looking for that shot of the Dubai Skyline, Al Safa Park is the place to hit for an awesome view of the skyline in its full glory!




Popular brands like ‘the Urban Yogi’ for home décor and ‘Origins Collective’ for jewellery displaying their amazing stuff in the Ripe Market –





And then there was favourite ‘Bookmunch’! I have talked about it here.!



If you love to treat yourself to yummy food on the weekend, you would find a host of delicious options in the Ripe Market!





So, did you like this virtual tour of the Ripe market?

Would love to hear!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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