April Awesomeness

Some days are really amazing – the days when you wake to something new – like waking up to a brand new month today. There is something so special about newness – a new day, a new month, a new year, a new job or a new relationship. It is magical.

And April today has brought in for me not just a new month but a whole new spirit, new goals leading to making April ‘an AWESOME APRIL’ for me.

Wanna know what my little ‘to-do-list’ for ‘April Awesomeness’ are?


Well, your wish is my command! (smiles)

Here you go –

apr awesomeness collage

What say you? What does your to-do-list say?

And before I sign out, here is a little selfie moment to start the new month with dreamy eyes with hope in sight, let there be light!

new month april

Wish you all an Awesome April!

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