Summer Style – Bloggers VS Stylists in DXB – My entry

Summer …. the precious summer …. when the champa flowers bloom up the Sheikhland aka Dubai … delicate flowers wearing their hearts on their sleeves, curl their petals up to sleep at night, and in the morning yawn and stretch to greet the day, when the colour of the sea is magic and the clear blue skies looking down upon us telling summer is here.

And when you say ‘summer’ the colour that crosses my mind the first is ‘green’ – cool and soothing green, the lush green of fields and pastures. And so, when I was invited to take part in the Blogger Vs Stylist Competition by BySmphony by creating a summer look – I was sure that a Green Chiffon dress would make my summer style. Sure also I was of the colour that I would use to add a dash of contrast – coral. Yes … Coral reminding me of the gorgeous coral shades of the sunrises and the sunsets in the summer time.

So, here I was, sure of the colours that I would use to create a summer look, step into a stylist’s shoes for the very first time. Nervous? oh yes, I so am but can’t deny the amount of fun I had on my first stint with Polyvore – I tell y’all it’s an addiction.

So, let’s get straight to the business and here is the look I have created for summer. Greens of summer pastures meet the corals of summer sunrises/sunsets – this is the inspiration behind this look. Feminine, comfortable and chic is what can describe this look – just how I would like my summer style to be. The lovely green dress which is the inspiration/ basis of the whole look is available at #BySymphonyChallenge

Summer Style

Cut out shoes

Bangle bracelet set

Rayban aviator style glasses
$235 –

So, how do you like my moodboard for the summer? Please do hit ‘like’ if you do.

PS – This blog post is my entry into the Blogger Vs Stylist Competition by Bysmphony.

Until we speak next,

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