Spring cleaning of my To-do-list

And so we have moved ahead, leaving a quarter of this year behind already.

Already? I shook myself and realised – March all done and dusted with … ALREADY!

But though my mind was preparing itself to make sure I tick off the to-do-list for the year, my heart somehow was trying hard to draw my attention to a few things that I have always wanted to do …. things that somehow could never ever make it to my to-do-list.

Call it the magic of spring or the drizzling Sheikhland or the unusual pleasant weather for this time of the year -I have some rather drastic changes to my to-do-list for the year, a list not guided by what I am supposed to do, but by what I really want to do.

Right now, I am searching for some good guitar classes in the city. This baby can’t wait to be played –

There is a new mega lens in the house now. I try to learn one new photography tip/trick everyday now!

And I have started making sure, I read a book every week – did not realise when my friendship with books got lost amidst spending time on Iphones, Ipods – time when I was not really reading, time when I was just browsing. I was so missing the smell of the pages, the sound of turning them, the whole bond that you make with a book when you are reading it and even after you have read it … I guess.

Spring cleaning of my To-do-list that was and I tell y’all, it feels great …. liberating! (smiles)

So, well here is to a beautiful spring for all of us!

Have a fabulous one my friends!

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