Hello from our Balcony Garden! :)

Well, here is wishing y’all a happy morning from a flower-studded balcony.

While Dubai was enjoying a long weekend, Mr. and Mrs L were drenching their hands in soil and braving the growing summer heat to make one of their biggest dreams happen – a lovely flower-filled garden in their balcony and hey! look at what they did! Smiles, smiles, smiles! 🙂

Here is a little glimpse and a BIG hello from the very first flowers in their little garden! They are loving all the pinkness. Are you?

Expect a lot of posts on balcony garden decorating, gardening and flower pictures in this space in future. Have a lovely week people!




17 thoughts on “Hello from our Balcony Garden! :)

  1. Chandini, your Balcony Garden is just superb. What lovely flowers. Truly a feast for the eyes. I can imagine how much effort and time it has taken to create this marvel.
    Meanwhile, Chandini, my FB friend request to you is still pending.


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