Country Decor – Super Quick DIY Ideas

If you are city girl but have a heart that perpetually lives in the country side, I welcome you to the club with a big smile. Mason jars, strawberry gardens, luscious green, candle lit evenings, cosy corners – I am sure the sound of all this makes you as excited as it makes me. And so with this love for the country, this city girl, keeps trying often to bring a bit of country in her city apartment.

And let me have the pleasure of sharing with you a couple of super-quick DIYs that can add that country charm to any space in your house.

I am pretty besotted with my new balcony garden these days and so I used the DIYs to adorn my centre table in there.

So, let’s get to business:

DIY #1

Just put a plant or two inside a small crate/basket and it makes a pretty centre-piece also bringing in a lot of freshness to the space. I have also put in a candle.


DIY #2

Have empty jam bottles, spices bottles, glass jar or any mason jar? Get it out, you are just about to create a little magic with it instead of abandoning it into a trash bin.

All you got to do is stick the outside of the bottle with a pretty lace, fill the bottle with dried flowers or pot pourri and just put in a candle inside.

Easy-peasy … isn’t it?

Do you like the above ideas? Do you have any ideas for country décor? I would love to hear.

Happy decorating! 🙂

Until we speak next,

Design B_


9 thoughts on “Country Decor – Super Quick DIY Ideas

  1. Loved the idea number 2. My husband often cheers me up with flowers, they dry up and I never throw them. Keep collecting them for focal points and use them often in my food photogrpahy.
    So going to create a potpourri bottle now :). Thanks Chandni! Muah! How are you?


    • Aha how romantic is that Sonal! 🙂 Very sweet! I am so glad you liked the idea. 🙂 I have been good but very busy in personal life so do not get much time for blogging these days 😦 Missing blogging daily like I used to do! But I shall get back to that soon hopefully! Lots of love my friend! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 ❤


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