Thanks for all the love <3

This post was supposed to go LIVE on 30th May, which happens to be my birthday but thanks to all WordPress problems I am facing, I have not been able to post anything for past few days 😦 Anyways, here is the belated post!

The last year of my life was pretty eventful – changing continents. changing countries, changing weather, changing profession from doing number crunching to interviewing celebrities- woahhh suddenly my entire world was changing and yet every moment of the change became a bliss from the support and love from all of you my lovely friends on this page. As I start a new year of my life today, I want to thank each one of you for all the encouragement and love that you have given to me. Every single like, comment or follow from your end makes my day brighter. Being an Accountant, I never got a single picture anywhere but being a blogger in the Sheikhland got me the recognition I used to dream of and that has happened just because of you all. 🙂 You all make Sheikhland feel like home and this page here, feels like a space where I can share all my thoughts, my ideas with you all and know that I will be heard. From the bottom of my heart, thanks a ton for being a precious part of my writing journey. Love muchly! ❤






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