Home Gardening in the Sheikhland – Bougainvillea


Me and Hubby always have wished to have a little garden in the house – Greenery, fresh home-grown flowers and veggies – trust me I have loved the idea since forever and which is why I cannot stop drooling/talking/researching over my little balcony garden in my humble abode in the Sheikhland. If you remember I talked about it here.

But before me and A, started working over this little garden dream of ours, we were pretty sceptical how feasible, easy and affordable to maintain plants in the very hot and humid climate which prolongs for good 4-5 months in this part of the world. For me, I always imagined my garden to be flower-flooded, colourful, lush green and happy-looking and so there began a research on what plants could bear this heat and still cater to my demand of blooming in this kind of weather.

To my surprise, the options were quite a few which I did not expect at all.

And so yes, yours truly does have a flower-flooded balcony now, full of flowers that keep smiling irrespective of the harsh heat in this period of time. And let me tell y’all, they smell amazing too.

So, in case you are living in the Sheikhland or in any other part of the world, this series which I am beginning to write from today could hopefully give you some ideas, if you are looking to have some flowery plants in your garden that could survive in a hot and humid climate.

The first variety of flowers that I am going to recommend to you all is BOUGAINVILLEA – a tropical plant that bursts with flowers for 11 months in a year if planted in the right climate.


We chose to go for 2 plants with the Pink flowers and one with the White flowers. Bougainvillea is easy maintenance and looks beautiful when flower-laden.

What I never realised before was that Bougainvillea looks very pretty and creates a country feel when put in a mason jar or a glass bottle.


It adds a lovely pop of colour to your interiors and what could make you happier is when they are coming from your own lovely little garden. 🙂


It is also a fast growing plant so you could allow it to cover your fences/balcony railings in case you wish to or just chop them off from the top to maintain a desirable length.

But Bougainvillea hates over-watering and react by dying down with an overdose of water so it is very important to water them as per the seasonal demands ( daily in case of summer and once in 3-4 days otherwise). They flourish very well in Dubai like climate if fertilized once every month.


Another thing to be very careful about is while re-potting them. They hate disturbances to their root balls. In case their root balls break in the process of shifting them to a new pot, they remain in shock for some time and shed their leaves.

Happened with our White Bougainvillea and important here is to just know that the plant has not dies, it is just in shock. So do not give up on it or trash it. Just move it to shadow and keep watering it daily with a little water just to ensure that the soil does not get all dried up.

This is what we did. Also did something else which I would want to dedicate a full separate blog post to. According to me , that remedy is like a magic potion for plants 🙂 So stay tuned to hear all about it.


But for now, go ahead and get some Bougainvillea to add a pop of colour to your garden – Orange, Pink, Dark Pink, White, Yellow – I love them in all their colours. Happy Gardening lovely people! 🙂


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