Rendezvous with Manish Arora in the Sheikhland

I have always wanted to be a journalist and now fulfilling my dream through this blog because of which I get an opportunity to interview, interact and get to know celebrities – Oh yes! let me confess to y’all, I am a bit star-struck 🙂 and nothing excites me more than getting to know from these stars, what makes them stars – all about their journeys, their failures, the success, the tears, the fears, the competition, the tough regimes …. just everything that makes them the personality that is celebrated, looked up to and is idolised.

And trust me, I cannot thank my blog and the Sheikhland for helping me meet some of the very inspiring names in fashion, sports, beauty, social works, business and a whole lot of other fields.

So, ladies and gentleman, allow me in this space to share with you all memories, pictures, videos, interviews and above all selfies with some of the well-known faces in the world.

I begin with talking about meeting an ace fashion designer from India, who, I never (trust me NEVER) imagined I would be able to meet. And my eyes are twinkling and a huge smile is flashing on my face as I recall all about that event which will be a moment in my life, the moment when I met the one and only MANISH ARORA. 🙂

He is as humble as talented he is, he is as sweet as famous he is. I could not believe it when I met him and when I told him so he flashed that humble smile saying – How sweet! Ladies and gentleman! Presenting a little video of my selfie-moment and the awesome fashion show I witnessed of the man who is known as the John Galliano of India – MANISH ARORA – and the most fashionable adjectives fall short as you utter this name, the brand, the label! I am all excited to bring to you in this space my favourite picks from the launch of his Fall-Winter 2014 and Indian collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, Dubai.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Until I speak to you next, stay fashionable! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Rendezvous with Manish Arora in the Sheikhland

  1. Congrats Chandni. You rocking Sheikh land, girl.Journalism is a fulfilling field full of passion in life and it’s something which has been my true calling and defining moment in life. An idea that changed my life and sure it will alter urs too. Interviewing Manish is a big fear and achievement. I am always star struck:)


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