An evening@Atelier M, Dubai Marina

Oh hello lovely people in the Sheikhland and around the world! đŸ™‚

How is the Monday coming along?

Well, it is the second working day of the week in this corner of the world but to keep me delighted and beat of the ‘Monday Blues’, I am going to relive in this space my experience of the Thursday night that has gone by – the night I got introduced to an irresistible French fine dining experience with the view of the picturesque Dubai Marina glittering in all its glory from the 7th floor of Pier 7.

Me and A (my husband) entered the elegant ambience of the restaurant with a warm welcome. The exclusive feel of the place was made even more appealing with the circular glass architecture peeking at the stunning Dubai Marina. I loved the open feel of the place which is huge and has the seating capacity of 140 including the alfresco dining area, which is going to be such a delight in the winters.

Well, also amazing is the availability of 3-venues options with Atelier M spread across three floors of Pier 7 – the restaurant, lounge and the rooftop.

I was pretty messmerised with how awesome the interiors were with two mirrored pillars, exquisite crystal chandeliers and the open plan kitchen in the background – it simply created a perfect setting for spending a Thursday evening for me after a long week.


And then, a glance at the menu just came as a big surprise to me with the appetisers ranging from AED 35 to 80, the main course from AED 70 to 280 and the desserts around AED 40 – that’s a pretty reasonable price to pay for the awesomeness the place has been designed to deliver, me and A felt after the whole dining experience.


I also had the opportunity to do a little tete-e-tete with Chef Mohammad Islam, the man who is behind the vision of Atelier M. To create the Mediterranean French cuisine, he chooses ingredients that marry well. He is also immensely influenced by Bengal with his father coming from that region and plans to introduce his versions of Jhalmudi and other Bengali delicacies coming winter. Now that truly got me and A excited because A comes from Kolkata, Bengal and anyone who has savoured Bengali food would just agree how divine it is.



Talking about the food now, while A was fine with eating everything on the menu, I chose to try the vegetarian options. A ordered some Red wine for himself, while being the mocktail-lover that I am, I got myself an interesting drink called Sailor’s Navy with Passion fruit, Pineapple and Vanilla and boy, it tasted as interesting as it looked. I was pretty pleased with the way it was not over-sweetened but retained the flavour of each of its ingredients.


For the appetisers, I chose to go for Warm Grilled Salad (with grilled vegetables, spinach, feta cheese and tofu), Truffled Asparagus (with grilled asparagus, gruyere and Truffle Vinaigerrette) and A opted for Tiger Shrimp Salad ( with Poached Shrimp, Avacado, Crispy Shallots and Truffle Vinaigerrette)

Warm grilled salad was our favourite- it was delicious yet healthy.


For the mains, I went for Artichokes Ravioli – flavoursome, not too heavy on the stomach and delish. Hubby chose to go for Seabass which he could not stop admiring too.


And when came the time for the desserts, we were offered to enjoy the sweet treat in the lounge – the idea sounded fantastic. And so we headed to one floor above only to me messmerised by the gorgeous interiors of the lounge, and the presence of so many other people was a testimony that it is becoming a Thursday favourite spot in the Sheikhland for welcoming the weekend in style.

We sat down on comfy velvet couches and then came our desserts -Sticky Toffee Pudding for me and Valrhona Manjari Fondant for A. For a moment, I felt I have tasted a bit of heaven with a bite of the two plates of awesomeness – Yummilicious and melting in my mouth, the desserts were gorgeous.


And with that, ended our beautiful dinner at Atelier M. It exceeded my expectations. If you haven’t yet been here, I say it is absolutely worth a visit for you to discover the awesome, glamorous Mediterranean French fine dining experience for yourself. I bet you would then want to again, just like me.

I am leaving you with a stunning view of Dubai Marina from Atelier M:


Here is the direct link to Atelier M’s website and some useful details:

Pier 7, Dubai Marina
Located next to Dubai Marina Mall
Reservations +971 44 507 766+971 44 507 766
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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3 thoughts on “An evening@Atelier M, Dubai Marina

  1. Good article! Atelier M in Dubai Marina. I’ve been there with my friends last year. Love the place. Excellent food and the employees are very accommodating. Beautiful atmosphere and the view of amazing. The ambience is good too. Overall, great service.


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