Back to the Sheikhland, the Blogosphere and the reality ….!!!

Oh hello the magical world of the blogosphere!!

If you are connected to me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you know that yours truly is back to the reality of work and life after a dream road trip across the North of Italy and so excited to share with you all the tales of one of the most exciting adventures of her life.

To tell you about my new friends, the enigmatic clouds I met on the way to Dolomites ….

To show you the cute and dreamy cottage I lived in …..

And woke up to this gorgeousness ….

To share with you all about the colour-drenched flowers that greeted me on every nook and corner ….

And of course to tell you about the yummilicious pizzas that I ate with no care of the calories – well when you are in Italy, you better not think of the calories. Agree?

So, did you like the teaser?

If yes, do wait and stay connected with me here in this space which is soon going to look like virtual Italy as I bring to you pictures and videos and experiences.

But before we get to that, I have updates from the Sheikhland too coming your way – Restaurant reviews, events, beauty product reviews and much more you can look forward to in this space.

Until I see you next,


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