{Chandni Reviews} ~ Agent Provocateur’s new Fatale Black Perfume

Being a fan of the Maitresse by Agent Provocateur, I was quite looking forward to the launch of their new perfume – the Agent Provocateur Fatale Black, which unlike their other fragrances in the curvy vessels, comes in a rectangular shaped glass bottle with a crystal cut plastic cap. The bottle comes in a matte Black diamond-patterned box with a Pink border.

As per the press release, Fatale Black was inspired by the 1940’s Hollywood femme fatale, mysterious and seductive. She is carefree but never loses her composure. She is sensual and elegant and has high appreciation for a luxurious lifestyle.

Agent Provocateur Fatale

Top Notes: Madagascar Pink Pepper, Succulent Mango Nectar, Exotic Blackcurrant.
Middle Notes: Velvet Gardenia, Royal Orris Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli.
Base Notes: Sultry Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid Aphrodisiac, Chocolate Gourmand Addiction, Spanish Labdanum.

Perfumer: Jean-Marc Chaillan, IFF, New York

Assortment – 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum

The words that come to my mind whilst trying this fragrance are – Sexy, confident, mysterious, seductive and sensual. Apt for that date night out, this one is perfect for giving out interesting hints dipped in dark glamour to your date

You can count on it to make you feel really feminine and bold at the same time.

Fatale Black is very strong on the top notes and if you are someone who enjoys a good balance between all the notes of the fragrance to stand out, this one is not for you.

Also different perfumes smell differently and have a different longitivity on different people. Fatale on me starts fading after 2-3 hours.

Labelled as a ‘fruitchouli’, Fatale is going to be loved by someone who adores sweet fruity notes with the refound note for patchouli.

Agent Provocateur claims to understand the marriage between scent and seduction. Whether it lives up to it with Fatale Black? I think, it does but may be short term seduction for few because the fragrance is not very long-lasting.

Disclaimer :
Sample sent by Agent provocateur but the views are my own and unbiased.

Clicked by Chandni Lahoti. Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are of Chandni Lahoti and subject to copyright.

Until I see you next, smell delicious gorgeous!


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