In Conversation with Nargis Fakhri@2B Launch

The Armani Hotel with its stunning view witnessed the launch of a promising multifunctional fruit drink in the presence of its glamorous brand ambassador Nargis Fakhri. The event was one of the best I have attended this year with an entertainment program hosted by none other than the very popular RJ Kris Fade.
But what made it really memorable for me was a rendezvous with the stunning Nargis Fakhri, a Bollywood actress and a fitness enthusiast climbing up the charts of popularity.

She is beautiful. She is charismatic. But the best thing about her is that she is a star with no tantrums, very relatable, very grounded. Her knowledge about fitness and well-being has inspired many including yours truly.

Presenting a lovely conversation here with this lovely star, that also I shall reckon as one of my most memorable interviews with a celebrity.

About 2B:

2B Active’ and ‘2B Relaxed’, two natural and refreshing fruit-flavoured are lightly carbonated, multifunctional fruit drinks containing no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Packaged in a chic 250ml can, 2B is a tasty natural alternative that is designed to resonate with consumers who want an energy boost 2B active or 2B relaxed. The drinks were developed by Dr. Armin Breinl, member of the Austrian Anti-Aging Society, with a new formulation that features natural ingredients to promote health and well-being.

Shiraz Javed, CEO of 2B MENA and Asia commented, “2B Drinks is a convenient way for active individuals to accomplish their daily nutritional goals while maintaining their busy lifestyle. These nutritional drinks offer a thirst-quenching refreshment from real fruit juice and a boost of natural energy. The result is a multi-functional beverage that fits well into our mission to promote healthy living.”

The drink is available at all convenience stores throughout the U.A.E including Al Maya, Choithrams, Al Safeer, Lifco, All day Minimart, E-mart, F-mart, Istanbul, Emarat, Abu Dhabi Co-op Society , and soon they will be available in Spinneys, Geant, Union Co-op Society, Eppco-ENOC, Ramla, Al Douri, Milestone, Waitrose, Cinemas and all major vending machines across UAE.

It will also be available soon at all major Hotels, Clubs, Bars, Fitness outlets and Spa’s across UAE

So, do try this one. It’s absolutely worth checking out.

Until I see you next with yet another Sheikhland update,




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