{Chandni Reviews} – Montagne Jeunesse Face care products

Living in the Sheikhland has its pros and cons like any other city. Whilst I love the comfort, the cleanliness, the glamour of the city, there are downsides of being here in constant air-conditioning leading to skin problems, the hair traumas because of the salty hard water and trust me, it can get quite upsetting to have a bad skin day on the very day you need to go to a big fashion show or have those frizzy hair when you have that big party to go to.

Whilst I am still on the look out for some remedy for the hair, I think I have found the solution to repair, revive my skin problems and something that can make me enjoy a spa day at home only.

Ladies … it’s my pleasure to talk about Montagne Jeunesse face masks and scrubs today.

To begin my ‘home-facial’, I cleansed my face with my Neutrogena deep clean face wash. I, then, scrubbed my face with the Apricot scrub by MJ. The texture of the scrub is rich with crushed apricot kernels to remove the dead skin cells, natural clays like kaolin and bentonite to brighten up the skin, aloe vera to soften it, sweet mango for the fruity goodness and green tea leaf extract for nourishment. It smells all fruity. My skin felt all woken up, clean and fresh after the scrub.

Then I used the Natural charcoal pore strip on my wet nose, meant to be kept for 15-20 minutes and then peeled off. It says on the package that the natural hardwood charcoal has excellent qualities to absorb excess sebum and blackheads for cleaner, less visible pores around the nose, whilst volcanic ash helps to clear dead cells. The pore strip worked quite well for me and I could immediately feel the difference in how clean my face was looking.

But for best results I strongly recommend you properly clean and scrub your face before using the pore strip because when a few days later I used it before going the previous two steps, the results were not that great.

Well, then let’s talk about the final step – where I just put the crushed Raspberry Fruit smoothie deep pore cleansing mask, which smells as delicious as it sounds. And all I did was put this mask on, with cucumber slices on my eyes and my favourite music playing in the background. How I felt after washing my face after 20 minutes??? – Rejuvenated and happy to see my skin smiling 🙂 and big yay at no breakouts after all the deep cleansing.

With Diwali, the big Indian festival just round the corner, I am all set to now try the two other masks from MJ – THE pulped Pomegranate Peel off Passion and Bearberry and Licorice Whitening mask. Stay tuned for review for them.

mj2 ed

mj1 ed

Meanwhile explore the awesomeness from MJ at their website here – http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/ and their Facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/MontagneJeunesseUAE

Until I see you next, keep glowing! 🙂



Disclaimer :
Sample sent by Montagne Jeunesse UAE but the views are my own and unbiased.

Clicked by Chandni Lahoti. Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are of Chandni Lahoti and subject to copyright.


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