An Aromatic Journey with Diptyque Paris

Hi Sheikhlanders!

Allow yours truly to take you through an aromatic journey today with the tale of an evening recently when the Sheikhland weather had started tilting to being pleasant, with the event – season in full bloom in the city. The evening when I could not stop falling in love with the glittering face of this city when I looked at it from the 69th floor of the JW Marriott Marquis.

And what made the whole falling in love much more romantic was the divine aroma in the air as I was at this fantastic venue for the exclusive launch of La Collection 34 And its Bazaar by Diptyque Paris.


Now how would a girl feel when she is surrounded by all her favourite things in the world – candles, perfumes and beautiful fragrances. Ahh …. well I guess it’s difficult to put it all in one emotion for that huge smile flashing across my face was a mix of being happy, mesmerised, relaxed, refreshed and curious as to what’s the story behind this lovely range by Diptyque aris, now in markets for you to buy.


Well, this girl is also lucky coz she got an opportunity to talk to the spokesperson from the popular brand who took me through a beautiful aromatic journey behind the range.

Presenting the video I filmed exclusively for all you my lovely readers for you to know more about 3 of my favourite picks from the range – Mimosa – the perfume, the solid perfume and the candle Le Redoute (in a separate blog post)

Here you go –

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

Until I see you next,




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