A look into the Parker-Awesomeness!

Hello lovely people!

How is it going?

Well it is pretty hectic at my end as I am all set to play the perfect new mommy to my 3 week old. 🙂 And trust me, I have no clue when a day starts and when it ends. They are correct when they say being a mom is a 24 hour job.

And when the mommy responsibility has taken over every hour of my day, I was just very upset for not being able to invest any time into finding a perfect gift for my Dad for the festive season.

But call it my good fortune, that just in time I came to know of something that would make just the most perfect gift for Dad, who is a writer and loves to save his creations in a hand-written diary.

And so for him, it has to be the luxurious Parker pen from their new Parker Premier and Sonnet range, about which I am excited to share with you all here in a prestigious brand collaboration with Parker pens.

Parker showcases its renowned craftsmanship and expertise in a selection of fine pens that mark luxury, style, sophistication making them a timeless and a meaningful gift.

The Premier range contains some of the most prestigious fine pens from the Parker’s collection assembled by hand, each fine pen combines precious metals and a solid 18k gold nib to celebrate the beauty of hand writing and create a unique experience – the Parker way.

Yes an 18k Gold nib …. now isn’t that stylish? 🙂

Clad in precious sterling silver and fine Pink gold finish trims, complemented with a rhodium-plated 18k solid gold nib, the Sonnet chiselled silver from the Sonnet collection is now on my shopping list for my own self – yes a gift to my own self – now who says you can’t make yourself happy or in other words can’t gift something to your own self? winks

The Sonnet Brown rubber Lacquer is another beautiful pen from the range.

If you want to dig in more into the Parker-awesomeness , hop onto http://www.parkerpen.com. Find it on Facebook and Twitter at @Parkerpens.

So, did you like this gift idea?

Do let me know. I would love to hear.

Until I see you next,




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