Paris, Polka and some Pink

When you live in a glamorous city like Dubai aka the Sheikhland, it is tough to escape from the fashion bug and I got to admit that it is only after coming here, that I started paying attention to the details, dared to look at things outside my comfort zone, began to play with colours and in a nutshell started enjoying exploring and understanding fashion a bit. Well, the journey has just begun and I am taking the liberty n this space to share my first outfit post – something that I have been procrastinating to do ever since I started writing this blog.


Well I was not sure about how my style is and if sharing it on a public platform like this would be a good idea or not. But hey, today here I am sharing with you all my take on fashion, though I still do not know if anyone would find it good, ok or bad but it is mine and so I get to grow, improve and better it, I guess there can’t be a better way to do so but to share it.

And so, presenting my first outfit post – Tada! 🙂

It was the month of June and the sun and the rains were playing hide & seek in Paris.

For the day we had to go to the EiffeI Tower, I decided to wear an outfit that was girly, cute and glamorous at the same time. The Polka dots Mullet dress in my closet absolutely fitted the bill and wala with a black cardigan and warm stockings to match, I was all set to explore Paris. But to pose infront of the Eiffel, you got to do a bit more than just the Polka dots and so I decided to add a pop of colour with my Pink bag and hey here is how Paris, Polka dots and Pink came together.

Do you like the look?

If yes, do drop in a line.

Dress – TK Max, London

Stockings – Marks & Spencer

Cardigan – Macy’s, New York

Bag – Tommy Hilfiger, New York

Bangles – A mix of sets from Dorothy Perkins and Primark

Earrings – Camden Town, London

Shoes – Marks & Spencer

Until I see you next,




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