{Chandni Reviews} ~ Red Star Wok Takeaway

Hi Sheikhlanders!

How is 2015 coming along? At my end, the year has started on a super busy note.

A 3 month old to handle, all the trauma of packing and then unpacking while moving houses, setting up the new home – humph!

Thinking about is all is also making me feel tired as I am writing this post but hey during such busy times, when there is just no time to cook, what can bring a big smile on my face are the yummy takeaways.

And today I am going to share with you about this gem of a takeaway place that I have discovered.

Red Star Wok Asian Takeaway just made a grand entry into my life on a Sunday afternoon when I was going made with unpacking some hundreds of cartons as I moved into my new house.

Just at the time I had ordered it to come, the door bell rang and delivered to me was a bag filled with Thai food goodness.

The Thai Green Curry with tofu and vegetables along with steamed rice that I had ordered came in all fresh, hot and packed nicely. There was some chilli sauce and complimentary prawn crackers too.

The food was delicious and all for AED 54, it was a great value for money.

The curry was yummilicious.

This place is totally worth a try. The direct link to their website is – http://www.redstarwok.com/

As I get back to conquering some more cartons for the day, it is adieu peeps!

Have a good day!




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