Bloomingdale’s Dubai turns 5 years young!

The very popular and one of my favourite shopping destinations in the Sheikhland – Bloomingdale’s recently turned 5. To celebrate the occasion, the media fraternity was treated to a fun event, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


The theme of the event was creative with all of us being called ‘the Class of 2015’.


There was a presentation educating us with the history of the Bloomindale’s and then the most fun part of the event was a quiz that followed the presentation.


And much to my envy, the winners walked away with AED 1000 worth voucher to shop at the Bloomingdale’s.

We had a fun photoshoot too with some cute props.Awesome, isn’t it?


Well, here is wishing Bloomigdale’s Dubai a very happy 5th birthday in the Sheikhland. Many more to come! Keep rocking! 🙂


Until I see you next,




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