My secret to a Perfect Red Pout

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I am sure many of you have already got plans on how are you going to spend the evening, what to wear, the look for the date night, the make up and what not. Well why not!

And if you are also planning to flaunt a Red pout that day like me, I have something to share with you – my Perfect Red.


Yes, I have finally found that Perfect Red lip colour for me – long lasting, super-pigmented and moisturising.

And no, it is not some super expensive high-end brand I am gonna talk about but it is just a drugstore product, which is a great value for money with an awesome result.

Sounds like the dream Red, isn’t it?

Well, it is the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in shade 135 called ‘Provocateur Femme Fatale’, which I thick is absolutely apt for this gorgeous sexy colour.


Here is the swatch for you –


Beautiful, isn’t it?

But with the Red colour lip colours or rather any dark shade, bleeding of the lip colour is a big problem and of course you don’t what that on your special date night.

And so here are some easy tips on how you can avoid the mishap –

  1. Apply a lip liner ,which could be any colour, before putting on the lip colour. I think a nude lipliner can work beautifully with any lipstick and is a wise investment to make.

  2. Applying a lip balm before putting on the make up really helps and you can be assured of a moist Red pout for a long time.

  3. Blot the excess lip colour out by putting a tissue in between your lips and press your lips. You can also put the tissue on your lips and dab some powder over it to make it last long.

So, are you all set to flaunt that sexy Red pout?

Do share your perfect Red with me in the comments.

Until I see you next, stay Love struck!




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