{Sheikhland Giveaway} – Pamper Yourself with Palmer’s

Hi Sheikhlanders! How is it going?

Well, it is absolutely crazily busy at my end.

When they say, once you become a mom, you are always a mom first and then anything else, they are so right.

But thankfully for me before it all started getting too overwhelming, I realised the importance of committing a few minutes from the day to myself, no matter what. Yes, life would always be busy if you are in a full time job or a new mom like me or have older children but before you start neglecting and then losing yourself in the run, it is so damn imperative to stop for a few minutes to just take care of your own self, to love yourself …. to pamper yourself.

Trust me just 10 minutes of attention to myself in the day made me feel so good about myself and as a result I was able to do a better job at being a mother, I started creating time for blogging which had taken a backseat when my son was born and above all, I felt happy.

And the products that made those 10 minutes of pampering myself absolutely worth it are the very popular Palmer’s beauty products.

I have been using Palmers’ products for about 6 years now. Their Olive butter skin lotion with Vitamin E is my absolute essential. I so recommend their stretch marks cream/lotion during pregnancy. Worked beautifully for me and I have no pregnancy stretch marks. I love the richness of Palmer’s products and the fact that the main ingredient is Cocoa Butter, which is amazing for skin goodness.

So, do you too wanna pamper yourself with Palmer’s?

If yes, get ready to participate in the ‘Pamper yourself with Palmer’s Giveaway’ right here in this space and win a lovely gift hamper filled with goodies courtesy Palmer’s Middle east.

Palmer's Giveaway

All you got to do to enter the giveaway is –

  1. Like the Facebook page of Palmer’s Middle East. The link is https://www.facebook.com/PalmersME

  2. Like my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ChandniAtTheSheikhLand

  3. Answer this simple question on the contest post on Facebook page –

Question – What is the main ingredient in Palmer’s products?

For hint, read my blog post above.

Contest is open only for UAE residents and ends ob 28 Feb 2015.

Participate and get your way to pamper yourself!!

So, good luck all!

Until I see you next,




9 thoughts on “{Sheikhland Giveaway} – Pamper Yourself with Palmer’s

  1. Reblogged this on mahjabeenar2001's Blog and commented:
    Highly Recommend Product And very Lovingly written Blog! It inspired me a lot because as a mom of three including an infant, I was also feeling very low these days and this entire article bucked me up! Now facing the world with a new zeal and enthusiasm. Keep it up!!!


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