Unlocking the mystery with Banana Republic

Wow … it’s April already!

The temperatures have started picking up, there have been a couple of massive sandstorms in the city but Dubai continues to be as happening, as glamorous and I am here to take you through another exciting SS15 Collection launch of a much-loved brand.


But as cool was the event itself, as cool and much talked about was it’s very creative invite. Banana Republic SS15 Collection Launch invite certainly needs a mention here as much as the main event.

So, one fine afternoon, I receive a huge box from Banana Republic and when I open it, a big balloon pops up with a mystery key in a box which I was supposed to carry to the event.


Surprise, mystery and fashion – it all came together on the 29th March 2015, when at Media One Hotel, Banana Republic previewed its SS15 Collection in an ambience with a young, edgy and very urban moods.

The theme of the evening was – You don’t always need to know where you are going, just enjoy the journey.


Interesting, isn’t it?

Marisa Webb, the Creative Director and Vice President of Banana Republic shares her inspiration behind this collection (which is the first with this brand that has been created completely under her direction) – “It was about Banana Republic and how to move forward, and it was about wardrobe and taking a little bit of the seriousness out of it and having more fun with it. The phrases I was using were ‘road trip, ‘open road’ and ‘freedom,’ Webb continues, “It was about adding color, adding whimsy and playfulness to the collection, as well as breaking out of traditional workwear.”


I personally loved the idea, the theme and the freshness of the collection.

My favourite were these three lovely outfits –

br collage

How do you find it?

Until I see you next,




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