Introducing a new category on the blog ~ Mother/Baby Care

Hello wonderful people of the internet!

How is life?

Well, if you ask the same question to me, I would say life could not have been more beautiful – thanks to my little bundle of joy. (smiles)

I am sure all you moms out there can relate to the feeling. It is definitely the toughest job in the world but highest are the rewards and trust me, it makes me laugh as I write this because when someone else would say this, I would wonder if changing diapers, waking up all night through, putting oodles of weight on could all be so blissful. All the physical and emotional changes that you go through as you experience pregnancy and motherhood would scare the hell out of me.

But, hey, that little smile, those cute hands and that button nose makes you sail through all the tough times with a huge smile on your face. And believe me, you just forget about all the hardships in no time.

So, I had been thinking since a long time to start a new category on the blog – all about mother/baby care – my experiences as a first time mom – tough times, happy times – emergencies – confusions – solutions – just everything!

How does that sound?

I would love to hear!

So, until I see you next,



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