{Chandni Reviews} – Aloevera & Glycerrhiza Fairness Cream by Herbline Essentials

To find that perfect cream that would work for my skin has been a persistent problem in my life as my skin has a tendency to behave all strange, weird and bad at times and I struggle finding a skin care routine that could keep my skin happy.

I definitely have found a great scrub cum face pack, which I have talked about here., in case you missed reading about it. And today, I am thrilled to share with you another star product from the same brand – Herbline Essentials, which is UAE’s homegrown, award winning and all natural skin care brand. It is the product that seems to be the answer to my big question – what is the perfect moisturiser for my skin type? And hurray, here it is – the Aloevera & Glycerrhiza Fairness cream by Herbline Essentials.


The ingredients of this cream are pretty interesting and the good news is that they are all natural, paraben and paraffin-free.

It comes in a translucent jar (50 gms), works on all skin types and costs AED 139.


What it promises?

There’s nothing more aggravating than dark, uneven spots on the skin caused by acne, aging, or the sun. Luckily, Herbline Essentials Fairness Cream (AED 139), is a powerful formulation that helps protect the skin from the sun, wind and heat whilst it naturally lightens the complexion. Its’ unique formulation works to prevent scarring due to acne and reduces pigmentation patches. This effective blend contains liquorice root extract, known to be an effective antioxidant and skin lightener, whilst Aloe Vera works to heal and hydrate the delicate layers of the skin.

Now, why I was particularly looking forward to check this one out was because it promises natural skin lightening. Something which my skin badly needed.

I have been using it for a month now and this is part of my night skincare routine. I apply this cream on a clean and toned face and massage it onto my face and neck with my fingertips.

The cream is pretty rich in texture and feels greasy when you first put it on your face creating a White layer but as you massage it in, both the greasiness and whiteness disappear.

Talking about the effect now, it has definitely lightened my skin tone a shade lighter and has also helped evening it out. My feels hydrated and soft too.

On the days, when I want to nourish my skin a bit more, I mix this cream with sweet almond oil and the effect next day is absolutely amazing.

But I saw the best results when I teamed this up with the Herbline Essentials face scrub whilst trying to do a DIY facial. So, I scrubbed my face and left it on to dry and after rinsing it off, I massaged my face with the cream and left it overnight. The next morning, my skin could not have looked happier.

Now, this combination has actually become a part of my once a week – skin grooming session.

So, this cream delivers what it promises and that too by using all natural ingredients. It has worked beautifully for me and I say, you should definitely give it a try. Infact, I am becoming more and more fond of Herbline Essentials products as they have nevr failed me until now. I have tried their foot cream (reviewed it on Instagram), face scrub and this cream and they have all been amazing.

You can check out all Herbline Essentials products on their website here – http://www.herbline-essentials.com/

Do you find this review helpful? If there is any other query about this product in your mind, feel free to ask in the comment section below and I shall definitely reply.

Until I see you next,

take good care of yourself!


Disclaimer : I was sent the product sample by the PR agency but the views are unbiased, honest and based on my experience with the product.


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