How to avoid stretch marks during/after pregnancy

Right from the time the test shows a positive, a mother is born … much before the baby takes birth. The carefree girl becomes a responsible woman, everything else takes a backseat in her life and she begins to think, act and do things just for that little life inside her. The whole emotion of being pregnant, right from getting to know you are pregnant to experiencing it every single day, evolving from a girl to a woman …. a mother-to-be is beautiful yet complex and very tough at times, because it brings with it an unknown territory of physical and emotional changes, that usually petrifies first time moms – I sure did feel a bit scared as to how everything is going to turn out.

All moms … yes all of us for sure … we have all been there. Haven’t we?

In the new category – Mother/Baby care that I have introduced on the blog, I am going to be talking about all such concerns that as a first time mom I experienced, what made me sit hours infront of Google and what eventually answered my concerns.

And today I am gonna discuss about the first ever worry that came across my mind with being pregnant. Can you guess what it was?

Yes ofcourse – Stretch marks! What dreadful stories we have all seen about this one aspect of pregnancy which worries most women. And with the internet and the market these days being filled up with all sorts of products, it becomes pretty confusing to make a choice.

But if you have a dry skin like me, I have a secret to share with you – a range of products that helped me sail through my pregnancy journey with no stretch marks – Yes you heard it right – NO STRETCH MARKS!

A massive thank you to the Stretch marks lotion/cream by Palmer’s Middle east for all the magic.


I started with using the Palmer’s Massage Lotion for stretch marks when I was 2 months pregnant. I would apply it right after shower. It is pretty rich in texture with Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin and Shea butter. Ofcourse it has the signature Cocoa butter formula like all Palmer’s products.

The interesting ingredient in this is Bio-Elaste which is a powerful combination of collagen, elastin, centella, asiatica, sweet almond oil and argan oil.

As per the directions, it needs to be used 3 times per day but I admit I am a lazy girl and I only used it once after taking shower but I would use a generous amount and spend 5 minutes massaging it all in.

As you progress through the pregnancy, you feel an itching sensation across the tummy area and that’s the time, I switched over from the lotion to the massage cream for stretch marks by Palmer’s. The cream has the same formula as lotion and did soothe me a lot with that terrible itching. The good thing about the cream is that it is great for on the go use rather than the lotion so makes it easy to use it when you are out and about and get the itching attack.

Both these products are absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid or reduce stretch marks with pregnancy or weight loss. They do work like a magic and are paraben-free.

Now after giving birth, the worry that surrounds you is to restore your body to its original firmness. And the product I have been trying and really impressed with is the Palmer’s Post natal firming lotion with shea butter, collagen , elastin and Vitamin E and all the goodness of cocoa butter. I started using this product after 2 months of giving birth and it has helped me a great deal with evening out my skin tone. It also helps in improving the skin texture. I use it once in a day after taking shower.

So, I totally recommend the pre and post natal skin care products by Palmer’s. These are just to the point products – no annoying fragrances, no chemicals, just full of goodness which you need during the most beautiful phase of your life, also a phase where you need to give yourself a lot of care and nourishment in every which way.

The good news is that Palmer’s products are so easily available in the supermarkets and are pretty reasonable too. The important thing is that they do the job. So, if you too are embarking on the amazing journey of creating a life, do give these products a try. I bet you too shall fall in love with them.

So, did you like this post? If yes, please do drop in a comment. I would love to hear your feedback.

Until I see you next,


Disclaimer – I had bought the Palmer’s stretch marks lotion and cream myself but the post natal lotion was sent by them for review purposes. However as always the views are honest, unbiased and based on my experience with the product.


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