{EVENT} – Crate & Barrel 5th Anniversary Celebrations

When I was a newbie in the Sheikhland and was looking to buy furniture and homeware, Crate & Barrel was one store that completely fascinated me, inspired me and also managed to make some good business from me (LOL). Well … they make everything look so tempting with their vignettes and home styling that I just wanted it all for my home. Needless to say that Crate & Barrel is one of my favourite stores in the Sheikhland when it comes to shopping for homeware, home accessories and furniture. What makes them stand apart is the great quality and tastefulness of stuff you get in the store and any home décor enthusiast is sure to go crazy with all the inspiring settings they create inside the store.

And being a fan of the brand, it was my absolute pleasure to be invited for the 5th anniversary celebrations of Crate & Barrel in the Middle East.


There was a table setting workshop where the stylist of the store demonstrated how to set a table for a formal, informal and buffet setting.


And so you don’t miss some fabulous tips, here is a video of the workshop for you –

There was a fun quiz too and a festive atmosphere inside the store that I thoroughly enjoyed along with my other media friends and fans of the brand.


Sometimes I don’t really have to shop but I go to the Crate & Barrel store simply to get some inspirations for vignettes and settings. It’s amazing how tastefully they do it. I guess it is one of the best stores to borrow some ideas for your home sweet home. So here are some of my favourite pieces/vignettes from their latest collection as seen in the store.

Loved the Blue theme, the cushions and the wooden candle holders – how cosy the setting looks –


Looooved this lamp! I absolutely need this in my love and if you are a lover of the coastal theme, I am sure you have fallen for it too like me.


Colourful candle holders – always a great idea for adding a pop of colour to your place


A dried lemon twig in a vase in the dining area – loved the idea!


I would love my kitchen rack to look like this. Those glass pitchers and the wooden bowls are so pretty.


Loved the colourful napkins –


Where do you draw inspirations for vignettes? I would love to hear.

By the way, I also met the very beautiful and utterly talented International Presenter Shereen Mitwalli on this occasion. I must say she is so inspiring. Here is our sweet selfie moment together –

Me and Shereen Mitwalli

Until I see you next,



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