{EVENT} A lovely afternoon with KATAKEETxZoyaSakr

It’s amazing how confident, enthusiastic and participating kids today are. Being a mommy myself now to a 6 month old, it simply amazes and amuses to me what happiness kids can bring by all the cuteness they add up to simple things in life. And so when I got invited to a kids’ fashion show hosted by Katakeet Boutique, I was super-excited and to add to my interest was the fact that this event was in collaboration with Zoya Sakr who is a popular model, Lifestyle specialist and a yummy mommy herself.

As I got to the venue, which was Kempinski Hotel and Residences in Palm Jumeirah, I saw zillions of balloons, happy faces of proud mums/mums-to-be and the precious smiling little kids having a gala time at this summer party thrown by Katakeet for them promising to create lifetime memories.

The mums who attended the event included some very popular faces from the television, modelling and blogging world and I was thrilled to be there enjoying the glorious company.

And so the much awaited fashion show began to celebrate the boutique’s new, bright and luxurious summer collection.

Zoya Sakr, mother and seasoned buyer and stylist, contributed her own fashion forward styling tips and favourite summer selections from the children’s collections (0 to 10 years old) of luxury’s best, including Dior, Fendi, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Little Marc Jacobs and David Charles. All collections included innovative yet functional pieces perfectly suited for playtime and exploring as well as social gatherings with friends and family.

The kids were so adorable walking on the ramp, striking the poses wearing the cutest outfits from Katakeet’s summer collection.

Here is a glimpse of the fashion show for you! I bet it’s going to leave you all smiles –

And here are some pictures from the event –








Zoya Sakr

And here is my selfie moment with the popular TV personality of Middle East – Joelle, who also happens to be the brand ambassador for Maxfactor Arabia and Pantene Arabis.

me n joelle

All you mommies out there, do check out Katakeet’s latest collection that that feels like a fresh and warm dream getaway culminating in exquisite gifts and lifetime memories.

And show them some love on Facebook and Instagram by following on @Katakeetboutique.

Until I see you next,




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