{EVENT} Icons Coffee Couture Launches Sugarless Sweet & Salty Ice-creams

When everyone around is becoming so aware of health and fitness, it was great to hear about the new concept of savoury ice-creams at Icons Coffee Couture in Souk Al Bahar, where I also got to taste these salty ice-creams.
ICONS Coffee Couture is a German coffee franchise and healthy coffee joint and it recently unveiled their new range of ‘Sweet & Salty’ ice creams including not only ice cream smoothies and frappes, but also three salty ice cream dressings for salads.


Ice-cream enthusiast and innovator, Vasco Valenca De Sousa is the mind behind the Sweet & Salty range of Icons ice cream dreams which are only naturally sweetened with dates or agave to embrace healthy eating and face the summer heat with their cool ice creams.


I loved the smoothies. It was hard to tell that they had no sugar.


On being asked about his new innovation, Vasco Valenca De Sousa said, “I have always been passionate about ice creams, and so I am always looking for ways to surprise fellow ice cream enthusiasts with flavors, textures and tastes they have never experienced before. As the summer heat approaches us, I thought that an ice cream launch is definitely called for, and keeping in mind the organic and healthy theme of Icons itself I was inspired to create salad dressing ice creams to beat the heat with!”

Well, it is always great to see brands promoting healthy ways of life. Especially in a city like Dubai, which unfortunately reckoned as one of the obese cities in the world, I truly appreciate this effort to come out with a healthy yet delicious treat for the Sheikhlanders.

Until I see you next,



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