{EVENT} Beauty Talks with Beautiful Brands

Last week I was invited to learn all about some new beauty product launches happening in the Sheikhland this season and that is always an exciting idea for someone like me who is always keen to know what’s new brewing in the beauty industry.

The icing on the cake was the very cute café this exclusive session happened – Farmer’s garden Café at Al Wasl Vita is the new addition to my list of cute cafes in the Sheikhland. Simply loved their set-up, the ambience.


….. and the breakfast was gorgeous.



Especially these healthy juices became everyone’s favourite! For me, they were the muse for my camera that day!


Oh food, how you distract me – well, coming back to the topic, the occasion was to have a session with lovely Gemma from Beautiful brands to tell us all about some exciting brands like Urban Veda, Konjac Sponge, the Balanced Guru and Rahua, that have been gaining a lot of popularity overseas and are now available in the UAE.





These are all natural and ethical brands.


Personally I have been now trying to tilt towards the all-natural products route as they are great for the skin in the long run.

We had an interesting session and also learnt how to do a DIY home facial with the range of products.


I also received some products to try which I shall be reviewing in the detail on the blog.

For now, I hope you enjoy a glimpse of this special healthy breakfast session with beauty talks.

Until I see you next,

Stay beautiful!


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