{EVENT} Lunch with the Legendary Asha Bhonsle

Both my parents are music-lovers and it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that I have brought up on a diet of old Hindi songs in a household where names like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhonsle are uttered with great respect.

And so when I was invited to sample the coastal menu at the legendary Asha Bhonsle’s namesake restaurant, Asha’s Original at the Wafi Mall, I was totally excited – well to be honest, the excitement was more to meet and lunch with one of the biggest singing stars in Bollywood, the legend herself whose melodies make for some of my precious childhood memories with my parents.

Needless to say my parents were much more excited to know that I would be meeting their favourite Ashaji. smiles


When I entered the restaurant, there were Asha ji’s soft music numbers playing in the backdrop and a beautiful Orange colour-themed ambience. After a warm welcome by the staff, we were served some refreshing welcome-drinks.


And then the wait began for the star and to my surprise it was not long. Asha ji was on time. Meeting her, sitting just next to her and listening to her childhood memories, her favourite food and Pancham Da’s favourites too – sigh, it was all surreal.

I seriously could not believe that here I was in such a close rendezvous with the legendary Asha Bhonsle. smiles

Well, all star-struck, I headed for some food and was quite looking forward to check out the new coastal menu.

So, came in the starters which were really delicious. I loved the Broccolli with cheese and the Calamari. The mocktails were good too.


When it came to main course, the prawns were made really well but other than that, there was nothing creative nor coastal about the menu.


It had the typical Indian dishes which were well made. Special mention to their Makhni dal, which was really yummy.

So, in case I am looking for a fine Indian-dining experience with a soothing ambience and good service, Asha’s would definitely be on the list.

Until I see you in the next blog post,



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